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Soundtracks are commonplace. Everyone hears you consciously or only subliminally. They serve to build up certain tensions or to make emotional passages more intense. A scene without a soundtrack often seems empty. That’s why the films seem so interesting and perfect every time, because in real life no one plays a melody in a situation to support it.

Nevertheless, we need you. They themselves also serve to relax and to make the “head free”. Our sounds show years of experience in production for various projects. We work with the latest bundle of the Native Instruments System, as well as with sounds from Heavyocity. Many of our sounds have been recorded and edited by ourselves to make your sound unique.

Here you can enjoy some examples of our works.

Are you looking for a sound for your video project/movie/music video?
We can help you.

We are in close contact with our customers at all times to realize your idea. In doing so, we promise a product that will inspire you. Just contact us and request your personal offer.

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