Cagno Di Audio Production

You are a musician and you search your melody?

You need the right sound for...

...your video?

...your project?

...your idea?

We supply you hip hop beats for beginners and professionals

A sound archive for your video projects

Or the right mix for your song


Video & Sound

The sound and video of your project


Rap, Track, NewSchool, smooth, guitar


Own projects of songs and videos

Who I am

I am a thinker and maker who realizes dreams - A developer of sound and thoughts - A fighter of music.

An influencer, a manipulator of auditory perceptions!

No matter which path you take, everyone is in the front purely a NO. Only you can transform this NO to YES and success.

My work requires a lot of understanding of the art of music. It is more than just a song or the sound of a melody.

My goal is to put the listener in a new world with one of my works, which puts everyday life in the background.

I do not want to convince you with a text, but with an audio track which suits you.

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